I’ve been making some videos of me playing some covers of songs. I often read where it will help if you record yourself and hear and see what you sound like from a different perspective. It does seem to help. I’ve shared some of these on youtube and facebook even though I know most people could care less but hope there are a few that are curious enough to see how my guitar playing is progressing. To me sharing these is showing a pretty intimate part of myself. I am partially embarrassed by them because in my eyes I SUCK lol. On the other hand I am still proud of them. I never thought I could sing and play and I know I am getting better every time I practice.

Right now singing is harder than the playing guitar part. I know I can be a decent guitar player eventually but I’m not really sure if you can learn to be a decent singer. I was always under the assumption that some people were born to sing and others would never be able to sing. I do find it hard to do both, playing guitar and singing at the same time. In my last video I did a cover of Bob Seger’s Turn The Page. My guitar playing wasn’t the best. My rhythm and my ¬†strumming pattern were off . I had to concentrate on the words and the singing. Maybe it would be better if I had played it a couple of hundred times more and knew the words without having to think about (or read) them. ¬†I mean I only learned it the day before.

At least everyone has been pretty nice with the comments although it wouldn’t bother me to much if I got some effective criticism.

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