OK, so  if I’m going to have my recipe page on my regular pages I better figure out a way to make it easy for me. What I mean is if I’m going to have a bunch of recipes I don’t want to have a full page or every recipe. That would mean every time I want to change or add a link I’ll have to change it on every page. What I decided to do was to start building the pages with the PHP include(). That way I can bring in each part of the page and use that part on all the pages. So if I have one file  for like the header, I can bring that file onto every page. Change that file and all the pages change.

Now I did this then realized I’m still gonna have to change links on the other pages like the home, gallery and media pages. Well I guess I’ll just have to build all them pages with php also so all the pages look the same.

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